10th Anniversary Remark

Since its launch in 2005, GS has made great achievements in many industries. We will continue to advance vigorously towards the new decade, and the great 100 years hereafter.
Expanding Business Area
In the meantime, GS has grown through a quantum leap in respect of assets and sales. It’s not only for the external development. There were criticized for that GS has been a domestic demand-oriented company that has started out the business on the oil, distribution and construction. However, GS has continuously targeted on a global market and becomes Korea’s representative export company with more than half of overseas sales. Along with this, GS has extended business area from general energy business including new renewable energy and power generation, steel processing, to even heavy industry.
Most of all, these achievement are more valuable things because they were gained under the global economic crisis that began from the financial crises of the US and Euro Zone and then prolonged until quite recently. All these achievements have been resulted in passion and commitment of the all staffs that share management principle and vision and work hard to create customer value. I would like to take this chance to express my sincerest thanks to all staffs.
Top Global Company Survive for more than 100 years
Meanwhile, recent severe management environment would not allow ourselves time to celebrate for the achievement. Current prolonged worldwide recession makes have no foresight. Especially in time like this, I believe that there should be painstaking efforts to get back to the basics and solve the problem on the spot in order to create customer value.
In this regard, 10th anniversary of GS founding has important meaning. All staffs have to look back ourselves, check original intention and make a fresh resolution in order to go for another 20~30 years from now and leapfrog into a top global company that will survive for more than 100 years. I also strongly believe that the 10th anniversary of GS founding will be a quality compass in new historical path to get ahead.
I wish 10th anniversary of GS would give GS the opportunity to leap forward once again.

Thank you.