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Since founded in 2000, ezVille has been leading ubiquitous generation in Korea with state of the art home network system and high speed telecommunication based know-how and technology.
Implementing home network system for the first time in Korea in 2003, ezVille achieved to rank in the top 10 telecommunication construction companies including conglomerate construction companies in 2010. While receiving a top credit of A grade, ezVille is responsible for home network system implementation and management for not only GS related Xi apartments, but also LIG, Daewon, Isu, Dong-A, and Doosan in total of over 130 complexes nationwide which is consisted of 100,000 households.
In addition, continued efforts in search or even better product, home network products and digital door lock product won 2011 iF Design Award which is one of three major design award festival in the world.
With existing home network business, ezVille continues to grow in other business areas such as building management business with total home care service, high-tech integrated control system as well as security system specializing in local security service. ezVille opened branched in Seoul and Busan going beyond home network to home automation and videophone.
Furthermore, ezVille researchers invented Green Smart Home system by applying EMS solution, Co2 emission check, and standby energy interception so that it can become a leading company for saving energy. It also tries to contribute to green growth encouraged by the government through ESCO business with solar energy generating system and LED solution as well as IT technology.
ezVille plans to become a leader for the evolution of living culture while making lives of customers more convenient and happier in the future.


  • Won the IDEA (International Design Excellence Award) 2011, USA (wallpad and kitchen TV)
  • Information and communications constructing work in EX (Korea Expressway Corporation)’s new office
  • Provided facility management and digital security service in Dongtan Metapolis complex (66 floors, 1,266 households)
  • Participated in the 23rd MBC Construction EXPO
  • Certified as ESCO (Energy Service Company)
  • Achieved grade A in credit assessment
  • Achieved 10th place in KICA’s construction ability evaluation
  • Commenced producing digital doorlock, Locpro
  • Participated in Security China 2010, Beijing
  • Won the iF Product Design Award 2011, Germany (wallpad, videophone, digital doorlock)
  • Won the Good Industrial Design (GD) Award (wallpad)
  • Participated in Building Equipment Fairs The Big 2010, Dubai
  • Awarded by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as Smart Home contributor
  • Won the Presidential Prize of the Best 100 Companies for creating jobs
  • Digital doorlock Locpro certified by KS
  • ezVille’s factories certified in using reusable energy
  • Factory register (fixed and wireless communications equipment)
  • Commenced producing digital doorlock, kitchen TV, CCTVs in ezVille factories
  • Participated in VETBHD 2009, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Won the 1st place in Best Hit Product Awards by Seoul Economy Newspaper