From TV Home Shopping Pioneer to Global Leader in Home Shopping and Mobile Commerce
Founded in 1994 as Korea's first ever TV home shopping company, GS SHOP has been making history in the home shopping industry over the past 20 years. Thanks to our consumers, GS SHOP is rewriting the history of Korea’s home shopping industry as the number one company in sales and market share. As a pioneer in TV home shopping, GS SHOP is now driving a shift toward a new market – the mobile shopping. GS SHOP is creating new waves of home shopping with 8 global partners including China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey and Russia.
Together with Customers, Wherever They Are
Based on the 20 years of know-how in TV home shopping that delivers the highest value to customers, GS SHOP suggests various ways to utilize products and communicates with customers real-time. Through mobile and online shopping channels, GS SHOP introduces products tailored to customer needs based on big data, while achieving higher PC/MC interface. Moreover, GS SHOP offers a new shopping environment for customers by utilizing its TV home shopping know-how on various fronts. GS SHOP also employs data broadcasting system (data casting) for sales, catalog, and other multiple channels that encompass different lifestyles of customers. GS SHOP has diverse sales channels such as TV, mobile, online and catalog, which offer comprehensive opportunities to vendors and enhanced convenience to customers.
More Than Products Sales, Delivering Values
GS SHOP operates programs that add the highest value to products. GS SHOP is committed to fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR) by using its know-how and assets to run various support programs for small and medium-sized enterprises. GS SHOP provides customer-oriented services with an order and delivery system optimized for online shopping. GS SHOP offers diverse products of unique values in broad price range. Creating the best brands by adding value to products - this is the driving force of GS SHOP.
Making the customers nod with contentment through sincere products and services - this is the real deal of GS SHOP.


  • Started the catalog business
  • Started firstly TV home shopping in Korea
  • Broadcasted firstly 24-hour in Korea
  • Established company