Parnas Hotel Watsons FRESH SERVE GS Netvision
CEO Ha Tae Seung
Address 9F, Dongseong Bldg., 17-8, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Tel. +82 2 3140 7600
Homepage watsons.gsretail.com
CEO Ha Tae Seung
Address 9F, Dongseong Bldg., 17-8, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Tel. +82 2 3140 7600
Homepage watsons.gsretail.com


In December 2004, GS Retail – representative retailer in Korea – partnered with CK Hutchison Holdings – worldwide retailer – to introduce health and beauty products under the ‘Watsons’ brand name in Korea.
Watsons is Asia NO.1 Health & Beauty store. With A. S. Watsons’ global knowhow and GS Retail’s domestic market knowhow as background, we will become a customer satisfying NO.1 H&B store.
We will provide best product and service. We will put true heart in carefully selecting the best product and provide them in a reasonable price in order to guide you to the healthier beauty life style.
Watsons, where enjoy stays. We will become a store that gives you different pleasures and various experiences through trend-leading products and optimum store experience.
We will become a brand loved by our customers. We will always listen to our customers’ voice and try to become trustworthy and beloved brand.


  • Opened Watsons Online Mall
  • Opened in Kyunghee Plaza, Jamsil Shincheon, DDM Hyundai, Suwon AK, Pohang, and Cheonan Store
  • Opened Hongik Central, Bucheon Savezone, ShinChon Street, Busan Univ. Street, DMC Station, Gimhae, Jakjeon Station, I-Park, Suyu, Hapseong, Suwon, Hongik Playground, Jeonju Gaeksa, Jeonbuk Univ., Hwamyeong Store
  • Opened Seolreung Station, Dongdaemun DDP, Sagajeong Station, Konkuk Station, Hagye Station, Sangbong Station, Myeonmok Station, Hapjeong Station, National Assembly Station, Yeomchang Station, Heukseok Station, Guro G Valley, Gongdeok Station, Saejeol Stat
  • Opened Bupyeong3, Yongin, Seomyeon, Yeongdeungpo, Yangjae Central, Dunsan, Cheongju, Hanam, Inha Univ., Dongseongro, Chungbuk Univ., Ansan, Samsan, and Gwangmyeong Inter Store
  • Opened Nampo Metro, CBS, Deokcheon, Gyeongnam Univ., Sookmyeong Women’s Univ., Mangwon, Noryangjin2, Guro, Gimpo Airport Metro, Donglae, Cheolsan, Gwangbok, Geumjeong, Sangnam, Gyesan, IFC, Paris Park, KkaChiSan, PyeongTaek, UlSan Univ, Sangnam2, Busan Un
  • Opened Watsons 50th Store
  • Manan, Gwanak, Hwajeong, Changshin, Mokdong Inter, Bupyeong2, Shinheung, Seogyo, Cheongryangri, Sookmyeong Station, Hongje, Yangjae Metro, Korea Univ., Kunkuk2, and Sungshin Store
  • Opened Yeondae, Gwangmyeong, Hwagok, Jongro 2-ga, Daehyun, Anyang, Noryangjin, Kunkuk, Uijeongbu, Apgujung, Migeum2, Dongtan, Westerndorm, and Icheon Store
  • Opened Shinsa, Hongik2, Gasan, Dangsan Metro, Shinnonhyun Metro, MD 2-ga, and Youngpoong_JR Store
  • Opened SD Market, Yeokgok, The Mall, Bupyeong, Gangnam, Sanbon, and MD Central Store
  • Opened Migeum and Sungdae Store
  • Opened Chongshin, Shinrim, Lafesta, Beomgye, Mok-dong, Shincheon, and Jungdae Store
  • Opened Hongik(1st), Myung-dong(2nd) and Ewha(3rd) Store
  • GS Retail established 50:50 joint venture with A. S. Watson