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CEO Man-Seog Ok
Address Gangseo Hangang Xi Tower 15F, 401, Yangcheon-Ro Gangseo-Gu, Seoul
Tel. +82 2 2162 3500
Homepage www.xionm.co.kr
CEO Man-Seog Ok
Address Gangseo Hangang Xi Tower 15F, 401, Yangcheon-Ro Gangseo-Gu, Seoul
Tel. +82 2 2162 3500
Homepage www.xionm.co.kr


Operations & Maintenance Co. (O&M) was founded in July 2008 as the GS Group platform for providing specialized Operation and Maintenance Services to the international oil, gas, petrochemical, power and environmental industries. 
O&M, a branch of GS Engineering & Construction (GS E&C), with more than 40 years of success in providing integrated EPC services, has gained extensive O&M experience working with most of Korea's largest and most successful refining and petrochemical groups who hold world ranking status in every field of operations and maintenance excellence.
O&M was specifically established to leverage these GS core competencies and multi-discipline capabilities for all phases of project development, execution and commercial operation. This extends through all primary management, operating, technical support, training and specialist execution services. In today's increasingly competitive and fast moving world of new energy and environmental economics, every plant owner is required to address every opportunity for enhanced plant performance, reliability, competitiveness and economic viability on a continuous basis. 
O&M, based on our mission as a "Total O&M Service Provider", is looking forward to the chance to assist you in meeting these 21st century challenges.


  • Contracted for Commission & Electrical Facility Installation of GS EPS Dangjin Biomass Power Plant
  • GS O&M agreed MOU with KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering (KPS)
  • Ok Man-Seog is named as the CEO
  • Contracted for the coal facility operation located at Gumi Power Plant
  • Signed commissioning contracts ordered by KEPCO E&C for Cote d'ivoire CIPREL IV Volet B EPC business
  • Contracted for commissioning on the Cheongju incineration plant
  • Registered for Housing Construction Business
  • Contracted for operation and ordinary maintenance for Bukpyeong fuel-fired power plants 1,2 and environmental facilities
  • Acquired Electrical Construction Business License
  • Capital Increment [KRW 500 million -> KRW 1.5 billion]
  • Acquired Mechanical Facility Work License
  • Successful completion of Comprehensive commissioning of BAPCO WWTP(Wastewater Treatment Plant Project)
  • Operation agreement on environmental equipment and pipeline in steam cogeneration plant in Banwol and Gumi
  • Moved the company building to Gangseo Hangang Xi Tower, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
  • Jeong Jong-Tae is named as the CEO
  • Acquired Public Sewerage Disposal Services
  • Opened the Environmental Technology Research Laboratory
  • Contracted for Commissioning of Ghana Takoradi T2 CCPP
  • Contracted for the commissioning and start-up of Hanam Environmental Plant
  • Contracted for the commissioning and start-up of Naepo Sewage Treatment Plant