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  • Tae-Soo Huh GS Holdings Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
    2015GS Home Shopping CEO & Chairman
    2007GS Home Shopping CEO
    2004GS Home Shopping Executive Vice President
    2002GS Home Shopping Head of Strategic Planning
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    Chairman Tae-Soo Huh leads GS Group's business innovation and future growth based on his deep understanding of climate change, the environment, and digital technology. During his tenure at GS Home Shopping, he successfully expanded the business from TV home shopping to mobile commerce and focused his efforts on sensing and transplanting changes in the global market. Since taking office as Chairman of GS Group in 2020, he has focused on discovering sustainable growth engines for energy, construction, and commerce. Inside GS Holdings, he empowers employees to innovate their work. Outside, he emphasizes Open Innovation, which promotes innovation by cooperating with various external partners.

  • Soon-Ky Hong GS Holdings President & Chief Executive Officer
    2017GS Holdings CFO & President
    2013GS Holdings CFO & Executive Vice President
    2010GS Holdings CFO & Senior Vice President
    2009GS Holdings CFO & Vice President
  • Eun-Joo Yeo GS Holdings Executive Vice President Public Relations
    GS Sports CEO
    2017GS Holdings Executive Vice President, Management Support
    2013GS Holdings Senior Vice President, Management Support
    2009GS Holdings Vice President, Management Support
  • Suh-Hong Hur GS Holdings Executive Vice President Future Business
    2019GS Energy Executive Director, Business Support
    2018GS Energy Vice President, Business Support
    2016GS Energy Vice President, Power and Heat Business Division
  • Tae-Hyoung Lee GS Holdings Executive Vice President & Chief Finance Officer
    2020GS Energy Senior Vice president, Management & Planning Division
    2017Inchon Total Energy Company CEO
    2016GS Power Vice president, Marketing Division
    2014GS Energy Vice president, Management Planning Division
  • Noori Choi GS Holdings Senior Vice President Management Support
    2018GS Home Shopping Vice President
    2015GS Home Shopping Director, Management Planning
  • Jaewoong Hwang GS Holdings Vice President Future Business
    2020GS Holdings Vice President, Business Support
    2018With Innovation CEO
    2012Boston Consulting Group