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A transparent
and fair
corporate citizen

Code of Business Ethics

GS Holdings’ corporate ethics considers all our various stakeholders, through pursuing customer satisfaction, management transparency, and taking our corporate social responsibilities seriously, providing assistance to the underprivileged and working for shared growth with our partner companies.

  • Customers

    Our first responsibility is delivering value for our customers. Part of that value is operating honestly with our customers while always listening to their opinions.

  • Partners

    We guarantee reasonable terms and conditions for all transactions with our partners. We create a long-term win-win business environment, maintain a fair-trade order, and work alongside our competitors in an environment of honest competition.

  • Employees

    We treat all employees fairly and without discrimination, fairly evaluating and rewarding competencies and achievements according to clear standards, and make personnel decisions based on honesty, trust, communication and mutual respect.

  • Shareholders

    We do not use inside information to infringe on the interests of shareholders and investors. We strive to provide sufficient and accurate information so that shareholders and investors can make investment decisions based on the best data.

  • Society

    We respect and protect human dignity and fundamental rights, and we take our responsibilities and obligations in every region where we operate seriously. We strive to minimize possible negative impacts from our business activities.

  • Environment, health, and safety

    We do our best to protect the environment and to pursue an accident-free workplace. In order to fulfill our environmental responsibilities, we strive to prevent pollution as much as possible. The health and safety of our employees and suppliers is our top priority.

CEO's Ethical
Management Promise

No matter how high-performing companies are, if they neglect corporate ethics, they cannot survive. The era has come when ethical management is being recognized again as an essential element, not an option for survival.

In order to respond to this global trend, we will do our best to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We will establish and achieve mid- to long-term goals in terms of sustainability management. We will promote and continuously manage various activities such as carbon and hazardous substance emission control, eco-friendly product development, improvement of working environments and human rights, safety management, fair competition, and social contribution.

CEO of GS Holdings Soon-Ky Hong

Ethics Hotline

Report on unfair practices
by executives and employees