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We are taking action
environment and
a more equitable

GS Group is collectively
on eco-friendly
innovations and
decisions through one
consultative body

GS Group’s sustainability policies are generated and managed by our ‘Environment Council’ consisting of the Chief Green Officers (CGOs) of each subsidiary. The Eco-friendly Council is our highest decision-making body in terms of our ESG management and promotion of new eco-friendly businesses.

  • ESG

    The ESG Division develops socially-responsible, environmentally-friendly policies through collaboration between our subsidiaries. We bring together teams focused on ESG management, social engagement, shared growth and sustainability from each company, and emphasize on actionable social responsibility and transparent management.

  • Environment

    The Safety, Health, and Environment Division comes up with energy saving strategies and efficiency policies. The division also manages the mitigation of air pollution, wastewater, and waste at each CS property, and manages carbon emission rights.

  • Sustainable
    Business Division

    Our eco-friendly New Business Division invests in renewable energy, carbon capture and utilization (CCUS), electric vehicles, hydrogen charging stations, drones, and mobility. The division is particularly interested in industrial bio-fuels and economic recycling of waste batteries and waste plastic recycling.

Investing in new
innovations to
our environmental

GS Group is exploring new sustainable businesses with
bio-technology (BT) startups. 'The GS Challenge' program recruits startups to work together for creating a sustainable future. We also discover and invest in startups that can create synergy in the energy field with 'GS Futures'.

  • The GS Challenge

    GS Holdings is offering accelerator programs to innovative bio-tech startups working towards solutions to the challenges of climate change.

  • GS Futures

    GS Futures is our Silicon Valley-based venture investment corporation.
    We seek out and invest in tech startups who can make changes and synergy in the energy and digital sector.

ESG Evaluation

Year 2023 Base, Evaluated by : Korea Corporate Governance Service(KCGS)

Division 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
ESG Evaluation Level B B+ A A B
Environment Evaluation Level D C A B+ B+
Social Evaluation Level B+ A A A+ A+
Corporate Governance Evaluation Level B+ A A A C

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