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All employees,
GS Holding company
and subsidiaries
towards the same goals

GS Group is creating new experiences and planning a better future for our customers. GS Group works in many sectors: energy, power generation, retail, service, construction, and infrastructure.

Energy and power sectors,
from generation to distribution

GS Energy

Total energy solution company

GS Energy discovers and operates sustainable energy sources that can improve both human life and environment. We are actively seeking out new businesses opportunities and leading change in energy system by investing in new technologies.

  • GS Power

    GS Power produces electricity through a combined heat and power plant, supplying local cooling and heating to approximately 380,000 households in Anyang, Bucheon, Gwacheon, Sanbon, and Uiwang. Our power distribution affiliates help us combat climate change through distributed power and renewable energy.

  • Boryeong LNG Terminal

    Boryeong LNG Terminal unloads, stores, and provides LNG to domestic power generation companies. With a 200,000㎘ capacity, it has 4 storage tanks, a loading dock, and an LPG heating facility.

  • Incheon Total Energy

    Incheon Total Energy Company produces electricity through a combined heat and power plant that supplies cooling and heating to the Incheon area, centered on Songdo International City. We strive to provide better quality energy to an ever-widening area.

GS Caltex

Energy and chemical company respected for
technological innovation

GS Caltex started as Korea's first private oil refining company and has been exporting refined oils, lubricants, aromatics, and polymers to 64 countries around the world. Today, we are diversifying into the olefin business, as well as expanding our mobility service offerings across our chain of 240 domestic gas stations. GS Caltex is preparing a sustainable future with new business opportunities.

  • GS Mbiz

    As a mobility & life creator, GS Mbiz dedicates to bringing customer value into various business fields such as a light maintenance franchise business Auto Oasis, a petroleum product distribution business, a transportation business, and car sharing business.

  • GS Bio

    GS Bio is pursuing a sustainable world, and currently playing a pivotal role in supplying bioenergy, such as bio diesel, throughout Korea.

  • GS EcoMetal

    GS EcoMetal collects wastes from catalysts used in refining crude oil at oil refineries and petrochemical plants, and converts them into rare metals through eco-friendly process technologies.

  • Inno Polytech

    Inno Polytech is a company that produces composite resin, an innovative new material used in various industries such as automobile parts, home appliances, and daily necessities. Inno Polytech’s research team is pursuing discoveries in disruptive new eco-friendly materials.

  • Sangji Shipping

    Sangji Shipping is a shipping company that specializes in petrochemical tankers and gas carriers. It has the largest shipping fleet in Korea.


Power generation business, creating clean energy with clean fuel

GS EPS started as Korea's first private power generation company and operates an LNG combined-cycle power/Biomass power plant in Dangjin. The power plant business is expanding, including equity investment in the Linden Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant in New Jersey, USA. GS EPS is concentrating its capabilities on discovering new growth engines, such as domestic and overseas new power generation projects and new and renewable energy businesses.


A comprehensive energy provider with
eco-friendly solutions

As part of Korea’s collective energy scheme, GS E&R supplies electricity and steam by operating coal power plants as well as wind power farms. We are transforming our environmental power generation business by adopting ultra-supercritical technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and by building wind power generation-linked ESS facilities.

  • GS Donghae Electric Power

    GS Donghae Electric Power began as Korea's first private coal power plant. We operate power plants in a more sustainable form that fundamentally reduces coal consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by adopting cutting-edge technology that applies much higher pressure and temperature.

  • GS Windpower

    The GS Windpower has manufactured 18 3.3MW wind turbines and 7 3.45MW wind turbines to date. The end goal is a large-scale wind farm in Korea to expand sustainable energy sources.

  • GS Pocheon CHP

    GS Pocheon CHP is an industrial complex collective energy facility operator. We are operating a collective energy facility capable of supplying steam to Jangja General Industrial Complex in Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si and surrounding areas.

Retail and service sector
for every part of life

GS Retail

A retail company dedicated to making
everyday life better

We deliver products and spaces that make everyday life better in the vicinity of our customers. GS Retail operates a variety of retail properties, including: GS25, a convenience store serving local communities / GS THE FRESH, a retail chain specializing in fresh and safely sourced foods / Parnas, a world-class, modern five star hotel / GS SHOP, a live commerce store.

  • Parnas Hotel

    The Parnas is a grand hotel with a flair for luxury. We provide a variety of services, serving small and medium-sized gatherings to large-scale conventions in COEX, Myeong-dong, Insadong, Pangyo, with an emphasis on gourmet catering.

  • Fresh Serve

    Fresh Serve manufactures and processes ready-to-eat foods, supplying GS25 in the Seoul and Jeju metro area and GS supermarkets nationwide.

  • GS Netvision

    GS Netvision provides media and marketing services such as mobile coupons, advertisement placement and content, and digital signage.

GS Sports

Professional sports company

GS Sports is a professional sports holding company that operates both the FC Seoul professional soccer franchise and the GS Caltex Seoul Kixx volleyball team. GS Sports delivers top-notch experiences to the sports fans of Seoul.

  • FC Seoul

    FC Seoul is Korea's most iconic soccer team. Through committed investment, a dynamic style of play, and innovative marketing, FC Seoul has made its mark in Korea and Asia, and is poised to join the world’s greatest football clubs as a legendary brand.

  • GS Caltex Seoul KIXX

    GS Caltex Seoul KIXX is a professional volleyball team based in Seoul. Founded in 1970, Seoul Kixx has a reputation as a competitive team, having been runner-up in the 2012~2013 V-League championship and winning the 2013~2014 championship. Seoul Kixx is known by volleyball fans for its exciting brand of play.

Construction and
infrastructure sectors
that create new values ​​
for life


A sustainable construction and
engineering company

GS E&C has created sustainable facilities and spaces with innovative technologies and passion. We are leading the Korean housing market with a ‘Xi’ apartment complex brand and offering total operating solutions in diverse fields including power plants, electric power infrastructure, environment, civil engineering, architecture, and housing.

  • Xi S&D

    Xi S&D is a real estate services company that provides home network systems, real estate asset management, and residential customer support. We’re offering our customers innovative amenities such as built-in air purifiers (SysClein).

  • GCS

    GCS Elysian is a combined golf and ski resort with condominiums and leisure amenities designed to enhance daily life.

  • BSM

    BSM is processing rebar and providing it to the construction site. BSM creates Asia’s best rebar, crafted to meet the unique specifics of every framing project.

  • Zeit O&M

    Zeit O&M provides specialized operation and maintenance services for oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation and environmental plants. We support a full line of plant management services, from commissioning and operations to maintenance and training.

GS Global

Global trading service company

GS Global not only trades goods such as steel, petrochemicals, and resources, but global transport services as well, such as inspection and transportation of imported cars, and expansion of eco-friendly electric vehicles. GS Global is also constantly pushing to develop new business ventures based on emerging technologies such as recycling and health care businesses.

  • PLS

    PLS provides better logistics services, with 30 years of logistics experience in PDI for imported automobiles as well as loading and transportation.

  • GS Entec

    GS Entec is a specialized manufacturer of equipment and materials in the plant and energy business fields. We manufacture and supply equipment used in refineries, petrochemical and liquefied natural gas plants, as well as heat recovery boilers, which are an integral component in combined cycle power plants. We are focusing on developing new businesses to expand the value chain.