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GS Group is leading
the change for
a sustainable future

GS Group at a glance

  • 61Billion Total Assets (USD)
  • 44Billion Sales (USD)
  • 36,000 Employees
  • 32 Countries
  • 67 Subsidiaries

Grow Sustainably, GS
GS is building a more
environmentally sustainable business

  1. Reduce

    Using resources more efficiently,
    while reducing harmful
    by-products and emissions.

  2. Improve

    Improving the consumer
    experience while prioritizing
    sustainability on a daily basis.

  3. Innovate

    Utilizing digital, AI, bio, and other
    innovative new technologies to
    enhance our business.

approaches to

Creating new value through
the creation of cleaner energy

  • #GS Energy
  • #Innovate

GS Energy is developing clean energy technologies while
operating a 200MW solar farm in Dangjin. GS Energy is
also investing in various business opportunities, including
small modular reactor technologies, electric vehicle
charging, and waste battery recycling.

and retail
to make
the world more

Minimizing our environmental impact while delivering
an exceptional customer experience, on and off line

  • #GS Retail
  • #Improve

GS Retail is reducing energy consumption at convenience
stores by adopting an energy management system and
increasing the use of renewable energy. GS Retail also delivers
groceries and daily necessities from nearby stores in
environmentally-friendly ways, with bike or walking deliveries.

spaces for the future

Reimagining how infrastructure
and spaces can provide ecological

  • #GS E&C
  • #Reduce

GS E&C is creating sustainable spaces with fewer
emissions. GS E&C started the modular construction
business by acquiring advanced prefabrication
companies Danwood and Elements. Modular
construction can reduce construction waste and
emissions by half compared to existing methods.