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Shareholder Information

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shareholder information

Shareholder Information

Dividends in recent
5 years


As of December 31, 2022, the list of shareholders, common stocks

Name Number of Stocks Share(%)
Shareholders with over 5% Chang-Soo Huh and Affiliated Person 48,217,167 51.92
National Pension Service 6,463,926 6.96

Committed to
Shareholder Return

Mid-to long-term dividend policy to enhance shareholder value [Sep 2021]

GS Holdings is striving to gradually expand dividends with the aim of enhancing shareholder value, making decisions based on comprehensive consideration of investment for the company's sustainable growth, maintenance of financial structure stability, shoreholder return, and business environment.

Reflecting the nature of the holding company, the company plans to maintain a policy of retuning more than 40% of net income(excluding one-off non-recurring income) based on separate financial statements to shareholders for dividends.

Dividends in recent
5 years

General Shareholders
Meeting Results

19th General Shareholders Meeting
( 73,401,038 shares present)

Agenda Vote Results % Votes For
No.1 Approval of the 19th Financial Statements (including Surplus Appropriation Statement) Approved 91.5%
No.2 Changes in Executive Severance Package Rules Approved 99.6%
No.3-1 Tae-Soo Huh (Election of an Internal Director) Approved 95.6%
No.3-2 Soon-Ky Hong (Election of an Internal Director) Approved 81.1%
No.3-3 Yeon-Soo Huh (Election of a Non-Executive Director) Approved 97.9%
No.3-4 Deuck Churl Han (Election of an Outside Director) Approved 99.6%
No.4 Deuck Churl Han (Election of an Outside Director to become an Audit Committee Member) Approved 99.5%
No.5 Approval on Directors’ Remuneration Limit Approved 71.2%
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