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Sharing our

We take our social responsibilities seriously: we actively see problems that we seek to solve. We support youth through education and scholarship projects, deliver assistance to our underprivileged community members, create opportunities for up-and-coming artists, and offer the use of our technology to make the world a better place.

  • Education / Scholarship

    GS Caltex's Maum Talk Talk is a group art healing program using art media for children and adolescents who are struggling with school life and peer relationships.

  • Volunteer work

    GS Retail support music for children through our Rainbow Box program, providing musical instruments and lessons to children from local children's centers.

  • Culture / Art support

    GS Caltex established an art and culture park Yeulmaru in Yeosu-si. Yeulmaru has stage facilities, large theaters, and small theaters which can hold classical music, opera, musicals, concerts, and artistic programs throughout the year.

  • Public facility support

    GS E&C renovates children's play spaces in collaboration with local centers. We transform playgrounds into play culture spaces that include an ecological play space, a cafe, and an auditorium. We completed 4 playgrounds in 2020, and a total of 34 in all.

Respectful and

To strengthen the competitiveness of partner companies, each GS subsidiary supports joint technology and product development, provides assistance with patent applications, offers market intelligence, and supports employee education and training.

  • Joint technology and product development

    GS Caltex pursues sustainable growth with our suppliers. We’ve developed transformative partner programs, including financial support, technology development support, management consulting, education, and training to enhance our partners’ competitiveness.

  • Education

    GS Global strives to provide education and training support that can satisfy both partners and customers, as well as providing instruction in the design and use of our products to small and medium-sized companies and sales organizations.

  • Market Intelligence

    GS Retail's GS SHOP works closely with SMEs to develop mutually beneficial overseas expansion strategies. We also help our small and medium-sized partners gain access to global markets that would otherwise be out of reach.

  • Joint inspection

    In addition to technical support for risk assessment and measurement of partner companies, we also facilitate regular meetings that cover the latest safety management concerns.

A safe and inclusive

GS Group strives to create a safer and happier workplace. We’ve established human rights policies to respect people without discrimination and implemented a comprehensive safety program.

  • Human rights policy

    GS Caltex has established a human rights policy. We do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, language, religion, nationality, disability, or social status in all activities including recruitment, promotion, compensation, and training.

  • Working environment without discrimination

    GS Retail creates a comfortable working environment for parents by providing nursing rooms and a daycare center. We help people with disabilities to develop their hopes and dreams through vocational training in 'GS25 Neulbom Store'.

  • A system for a safe working environment

    GS E&C establishes and implements safety and health tasks based on ISO45001:2018 certification. We are providing a smart safety management system that adds IT technology to safety and essential safety rules.

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